We now find ourselves in the wholly unfamiliar territory of scribing about Miss Li on these pages. The super successful Noted Serious Artiste has got a busy autumn ahead of her, what with appearing on the new series of Så Mycket Bättre, and releasing a brand new album. And it’s from that album that we find its first single – the immensely enjoyable ‘My Heart Goes Boom’.

It’s big old romp. Marrying retro chic to modern day P3 radio endorsed Swedish pop sensibilities. Like a ‘wackier’ version of Amanda Jenssen’s recent hit ‘Dry My It’s got a false ending, after which it only proceeds to go more and more mental. All in all it just sounds like she’s having an awful lot of fun with it, and that temperament is hugely infectious. That’s probably why we like it so much.

Skip to the 00:39 mark in the below stream to listen to ‘My Heart Goes Boom’;