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Sanna Nielsen stopped by Nyhetsmorgon this morning to perform a few tracks from her rather fantastic new album, ‘I’m In Love’. She treated viewers to the title track, plus ‘Not Afraid To Love’.

Yet again, they were acoustic performances. And we have to say, we’re getting quite tired of EVERY music spot on morning television being acoustic. Yes it’s nice to hear once in a while, especially as it’s a chance to listen to a song that you like in a different arrangement, giving a bit of variation to it all. But it’s EVERY time now! We’re not sure if it’s the TV shows insisting, the TV viewers demanding/expecting, or if it’s the artists themselves choosing. But it’s getting a little boring now.

For once on one of these shows it would be nice to see an uptempo song performed as it was meant to be, with the proper backing track, and even a small bit of choreography. ANYTHING except for the predictable and safe acoustic set.

This of course isn’t a rant at Sanna. As a performer, she’s enjoyable at whatever she does, so the below tracks are some jolly good viewing.

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