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Nanne’s gone all rock on us!

Well, she’s always been a fiery little rocker at heart, but now she’s taking her love of the genre to the next level. In late November she’ll be releasing a covers album – ‘My Rock Favourites’. As the title suggests, yes – it’s a compilation of Nanne’s favourite rock classics, well done. Re-done and delivered in Nanne’s own, hugely inimitable style. And she’s even roped in guest collaborators, Joacim Cans from Hammerfall, Linda Lampenius, Clawfinger, and Mikkey Dee from Motörhead. It’s Nanne’s time to properly unleash the pure rock vixen within her, and we get the impression that she’s going to be in her absolute element performing the songs from it over the next year or so.

Already in Sweden, the first single has arrived. It’s a cover of Joan Jett’s ‘Nag’. And with it, she’s gifting fans with a b-side – her take on Sham 69’s ‘If The Kids Are United’. You can have a listen to both on good ‘ol Spotify.

Hmmmmm…….dilemma – we unconditionally love Nanne, but we generally dislike rock. What do we do here?! Well we’ll take a listen. And so we have. And as it happens, we enjoyed both tracks – quite a lot actually. Largely due to Nanne’s fabulous delivery of course (is that a cockney accent we hear in places?!). In the case of these two songs, she’s put her own aforementioned inimitable style on them – and made them sound like they could quite easily have been bonus tracks on any of her previous albums. They’re classics of course, but she’s made them her own. In fact, five seconds into ‘Nag’ and we had already surrendered to her voice.

We admit, when we first learned of this album, we were fearful. Disappointed even. But based on these two tracks, we’re actually quite looking forward to the record now. So kudos to you Nanne, for making enjoy a bit of rock music. Just don’t spend as long on this phase as that Carola one has spent on Elvis and Babs. *shudder*

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