Sandra Lyng: ‘PRTeY’

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Here is a very good pop song that has just come out in Norway. Refreshingly, a good pop song song that isn’t trying to be anything else other than a good pop song. ‘PRTeY’ (party – get it?!) by Sandra Lyng.

Sandra Lyng is a former Idol contestant who doesn’t really seem to have done much in the line of music releases since her appearance on the Norwegian version of the show back in 2004. And while ‘PRTeY’ isn’t exactly the kind of song you would expect to come out after an artist’s painstaking ten year wait, it’ll do just fine thank you very much. It’s a catchy, upbeat, fun ode to materialism, hedonism, and the insistence that white girls can be pretty cool too. Really.

The song is peppered with more hooks than you can handle. “I want, I want, I want, I want, I want more“, “uh-oh, uh-oh“, and of course “prtey, give us some alcohol supplies, prtey, you know that we are pretty fly…….for some white chicks“.

Love it!

Featured rapper is Swedish gent Lazee.




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