Same Difference V Alcazar: ‘Karma Karma’!

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So….remember that Same Difference and Alcazar collaboration that we told you about back in early September? Well, it’s here!

Same Difference’s second album, ‘The Rest Is History’, is released in January. The UK duo have taken pure pop and are wearing it with unparalleled pride for their new album, working with not only some our favourite UK writers and producers (hello Topham and Twigg!), but also some scandipop favourites too – Anders Hanson, Sharon Vaughan, Tony Nilsson and Hanne Sørvaag. And amongst them all is the Alcazar duet!

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‘Karma Karma’ is the Anders Hanson and Sharon Vaughan composition, and it’s also been produced by Anders too, along with Felix and Märta from Le Kid. It’s a full on schlager anthem that’s got a gasp inducing chorus, and a catchy post-chorus section too. The lyrics are very Alcazar – totally ridiculous, but tongue-in-cheek and fun with it. You just KNOW that they know exactly what they’re going on about, even if they don’t make immediate sense to the listener. ‘’Karma karma, Dalai Lama’’, anyone?! It’s fast paced, which suits the Same Difference V Alcazar theme, almost like a vocal race. And it’s heavy on the backing vocals too, from each act whilst the other one is leading. Tess and Lina from Alcazar have really toned up their ‘’sexy’’ on it also, which is always a treat.

It’s the type of song that we could see going ‘’Direct til Globen’’ at Melodifestivalen. And can you just IMAGINE the performance?!

Same Difference and Alcazar know that we at scandipop and you at readership are obsessed by this kind of thing, so they’ve granted us an exclusive listen to the track. And so you can stream a clip below!

[audio:|titles=Karma Clip]

Oh and don’t worry. We can confirm that there is indeed an almighty and overblown key change exactly where it should be later in the song!

You’ll be able to get hold of the full thing in January when Same Difference release the album through PopLife Records. And it won’t just be available in the UK either. It’s a simultaneous worldwide release, both physically and digitally. So wherever you are, you’ll be able to get your paws on it! We’d suggest you start following Same Difference on twitter too, as they’ll be premiering an album megamix soon, as a taster of what to expect from it. *exciting*!

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