Sally Shapiro has had an inkling in her this week to put a new song online. We like it when she has those inklings.

It’s ‘Starman’. In collaboration with Electric Youth and released as a single on January 29th. And it’ll be taken from her forthcoming ‘Somewhere Else’ album, which is released on February 26th and will also house this gem.

The song is an electronic triggered jaunt down the disco. Purposefully detached vocals somehow enforce an overwhelming warmth into the song, and you’re left with the comforting feeling that you’ll never dance alone again. How does she do it? How?!

‘Starman’ is being given away as a free download – well, in exchange for an email address anyway. Make the exchange here.

Written by Mario Pak/Johan Agebjörn/Austin Garrick
Produced by Johan Agebjörn, co-produced by Mario Pak


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