Denmark chooses its Eurovision 2012 entry!

And that’s it!

After a really quite spectacular show – in terms of quality of the songs, and the staging and production – Soluna Samay beat them all and emerged as the winner of Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix last night with her song ‘Should’ve Known Better’. Thus, she’ll go on to represent Denmark at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.  Not our favourite of the night, but a great tune and a worthy winner. It’s another mid-tempo and melodic entry from the Danes. And another that will probably do quite well for them at Eurovision in May. This one sounds like a cross between Anna Bergendahl’s ‘This Is My Life’, and erm…. Seal’s ‘Crazy’. It works though. We like it a lot. Here’s the studio recording of the song, and the single’s video.

As we said, it was a line-up of good quality songs. Eurovision and its national selections are always tough to call, in spite of the fact that we continuously try so hard to anyway. But Denmark’s contest last night was enormously impossible to predict, with song after song being trotted out and looking and sounding like a potential winner.

Before the contest though, there were two songs in particular that were expected to win, based on pre-contest listenings. Jesper Nohrstedt’s ‘Take Our Hearts’ and Christian Brøns & Patrik Isaksson’s ‘Venter’. Two more great songs and performances that earned a 2nd and 3rd place finish respectively.

STILL, we were disappointed though.

Corking songs as the top three were, there was one song that we were rooting for over all the others. One that’s by far our favourite song of the Eurovision season so far. It was Ditte Marie’s ‘Overflow’. Good schlager music with a large injection of Robyn, and a slight supplement of Kylie. And yes – the reality IS as good as that description. We loved the song since first hearing it on Monday last week, and we adored her performance of it last night. It’s difficult to call last night’s result result a travesty, given the aforementioned high quality of the songs. But we truly would have been overjoyed to see ‘Overflow’ win. One of the first great Scandipop singles of 2012!

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