It’s back?! For a whole new season, which started last night.
Who’s on it this year? A total of twelve artists will be dipping in and out throughout the series, including Scandipop faves such as Loreen, Benjamin Ingrosso, Tove Styrke, Lili & Susie, Ana Diaz and Helen Sjöholm. There will be approximately seven artists per episode.
Who delivered the goods on night one? Banger of the night was most definitely Ana Diaz’s cover of Plura’s ‘Vår Lilla Stad’ – in which she turned it into an ethereal synthpop pulsator.
Who else? Benjamin Ingrosso’s smooth interpretation of Lisa Nilsson’s ‘Långsamt Farväl’ had it delivered as a retro r&b ballad – heaving with strings and choir. A proper beauty.
Any streaming hits in the making? Lisa Nilsson’s version of Ana Diaz’s ‘100’ will have touched many a heart string amongst viewers, and we’d be surprised if that didn’t translate into the song being hammered on Spotify over the next few weeks.
Where can I watch it? If you’re in Sweden, you can watch all clips on TV4’s website for the show, and if you’re not in Sweden, you still can, if you are willing to jump through a few hoops to watch said clips. Otherwise, TV4 are sporadically uploading performances to their YouTube channel for the show. So far they’ve uploaded only two of the seven performances.

You can find the best of all this year’s songs on our own Best of Så Mycket Bättre playlist (featuring all the best songs from the show since it started in 2010). And all of this year’s songs will be added weekly to TV4’s own Så Mycket Bättre playlist.


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