Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør: ‘Running To The Sea’ (studio version!)

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Norwegian electro act Röyksopp have just come out with what MIGHT just be a total career highlight for them. And yes we’re including ‘Girl & The Robot’ and the Thin White Duke remix of ‘What Else Is There’ in that equation too! It’s brand new track ‘Running To The Sea’.

We first wrote about the single last week, after they performed it live on Norwegian TV. More about that here.

It was obvious there and then that the song was something special indeed. But the arrival of the studio version this week has managed to exceed even those very high expectations. It’s genuinely stunning. Not just up there with Röyksopp’s very best, but really also up there with the very best of ALL examples of Scandinavian electronica artists you can think of. There’s not really much point in describing what’s so beautiful about the song, it’s all pretty obvious. And besides, “OMG IT’S AMAZING” pretty much covers it anyway.

Unfortunately, ridiculously, and somewhat despairingly, the single is as yet limited to a Norwegian only release *insert major sad face here*. But you can listen to the studio version in full right here.


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