Matilda Jacobsson: ‘Loverstanding’

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Well what do we have here? It’s the first music video from a new Swedish lady singer, Matilda Jacobsson.

Matilda found a certain level of fame when she participated in Svensktoppen Nästa last year. She then released two singles – this being her second one, but the one she deemed good enough to afford a video to.

She deemed right! ‘Loverstanding’ is a superbly catchy piece of pop with a dash of electro and a smidgen of rock. Good luck getting that chorus out of your head once the song is over. Although we’re not sure if that’s down to a good melody or the fact that it’s repeated A BILLION times in the four minutes and eleven seconds that the song plays out for. Actually, we reckon it’s a little bit of both.

In case you hadn’t already realised, the word “loverstanding” means love and understanding. Put together. As one word. We can’t decide if that’s cute or lazy. Perhaps you’ll come up with your own feelings about it all.

The video, below, is trannylicious! And no that isn’t us being unkind about Matilda’s appearance. It features an actual man dragging up as a lady throughout. And Matilda herself looks to be enjoying it immensely. She does seem like a lot of fun, this Matilda woman. More please.

Loverstanding - Single - Matilda Jacobsson



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