Pearl Fiction feat. Malin Dahlström (Niki & The Dove) & Stefan Storm (The Sound of Arrows): ‘Stories From A Purple Soul’

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Yes, as that rather lengthy post titles indicates, we’re now going to write about a new song called ‘Stories From A Purple Soul’, by an act called Pearl Fiction and featuring the vocals of Malin Dahlström from Niki & The Dove, and Stefan Storm from The Sound of Arrows.

This song first came to our attention yesterday, and we thought it was good so we tweeted about it. Now however, after a few more listens, we think that it’s very good – so we’re writing about it on here.

It’s actually quite WTF at first, but as with a lot of things pop related, everything falls into place during the chorus. That gorgeous chorus. It’s one that really comes into its own when you’re hearing it for the second and third time – so by the time the song is finished, it’s most certainly a case of job being well and truly done. It’s really sweet, this song.

We don’t know much about Pearl Fiction other than the fact that they are Swedish, and ‘they’ is actually seemingly just one man. But that man is clearly a genius for having the idea of drafting in her out of Niki & The Dove and him out of The Sound of Arrows for vocal duties.


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