Christopher: ‘Told You So’

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Denmark’s number 1 young pop chap Christopher returned last week with brand new single ‘Told You So’.

Christopher was always one of those popstars that we could forgive for his insistence on acoustic guitar, but mercifully he’s gone and dropped the guitar anyway, and embraced the beats. So we like him even more now. And we’re not being shallow – ‘Told You So’ IS genuinely the best thing he’s ever done.

It’s pretty much impossible to describe this song without a big fucking JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE spelt out loud and clear, but we’re sure he’s already well aware of that himself. What he may not be aware of though, is the fact that he’s doing a better job of sounding like Justin Timberlake when he was good, than Justin himself is doing these days. Imagine that.

We don’t know if he’s gone all in with this new sound for his next album, or if it’s just a quick “hey I can do this too you know“, but we really hope it’s the former. Cos that there’s gonna be one bloody good album.

And that long and curly new hair do is just BEYOND adorable.

‘Told You So’ is out now, and has been released outside of his native Denmark.



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