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Few artists in pop have experienced a year quite like the one that September has just had. And few ever will, for that matter! It’s all been a little bit mental, to say the least. So much so, that we’ve been achingly curious to know her thoughts on all of what’s gone on. So when she appeared at Allsång På Skansen a couple of weeks back to promote her current single ‘Party In My Head’, we took the opportunity to have a quick chat with her backstage after her performance – to ask her about her hectic year, and to know what her plans were for the rest of 2012, particularly internationally speaking.

You can read our chat below, and here is THAT amazing Allsång performance of ‘Party In My Head’ and ‘Mikrofonkåt’ again;

scandipop: Well, was that fun?!

September: It was very fun, yes. Very very fun!

scandipop: It certainly looked it. And if you take a look back to where you were at this time last year, what you were doing, writing your album – did you ever imagine, or could you ever have imagined how the next twelve months would pan out?

September: Ha ha, no. Not ever. No way. It’s crazy everything that’s happened. So much.

scandipop: You probably wouldn’t even have allowed yourself to consider what was to happen.

September: Exactly. I mean, five songs in the top ten at the same time. Well you know what happened, I see everything you’ve written. But no, I’ve never experienced anything this….so much. Of course a lot of things have happened for me before, but they were spread out. Now everything’s happened for me in Sweden, but all at the same time. So it’s been really crazy.

scandipop: And now that Sweden’s all been conquered, everyone wants to know what’s going to happen internationally! The ‘Love CPR’ album is out in the US now. Are you gonna go over there?

September: Yeah I am. I’m going to American this autumn, and we’ll see what happens there. I’m gonna write some new music there too.

scandipop: And ‘Me & My Microphone’ has been signed in the UK. Do you know what’s happening with that, when it’s coming out? And will you go over there too?

September: Yeah I have plans to go over there. After this, you know. I’m continuing with Sweden first. I’ll be going to the US, the UK, and Spain this year, but first I need to make my videos. For ‘Party In My Head’ which is released in Sweden now, and then for ‘Me & My Microphone’ too. It’s a lot of things to do at the same time. It’s staying crazy!

scandipop: And you aren’t deserting Sweden yet either, that’s nice to hear too!

September: Ha ha, yeah. I’m focusing!


And this focusing she speaks of has paid off. ‘Party In My Head’ hasn’t left the Swedish iTunes top 20 since that performance at Allsång På Skansen two weeks ago. The single has come accompanied by an array of remixes, and you can have a listen to all of them below;

Coucheron Remix
Adam Rickfors Remix
Punchy Remix

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