Eva & The Heartwarmer…

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We do love a bit of Eva & The Heartmaker here at scandipop. Have a quick gander here and here, should you need either an introduction or a reminder.

With their latest album, ‘Dominoes’, being the excellent product of pop music that it is, we’ve been keeping a close eye and ear on them recently. So when they said that they were performing a huge open air gig in Oslo a few weeks back at the Ski World Championships, we waited and waited and WAITED until some kind soul would finally upload the footage that was televised via NRK, on to youtube. And this week, it’s finally happened, so we were able to watch the gig last night.

They performed a five song set, comprising; ‘Dominoes’, ‘Mr Tokyo’, ‘A Potion Of Lust’, and the two most recent singles, ‘Gone In A Flash’ and ‘Signals’. And they didn’t disappoint, as they were ruddy brilliant. The below footage is highly recommended viewing, if we say so. And we do.

PS, would you just LOOK at how amazing Eva’s necklace is in the above pic?! It’s an effing piano!

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