Eurovision 2011: Norway, Iceland, and Finland decide…

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Over the weekend, three Nordic nations decided their entries to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. We covered our thoughts on the songs competing in Norway, Iceland, and Finland, pre-show, so readers of the site last week will know that we were only pleased with one of the three results.

It was the Norwegians that saw scandipop sense on Saturday night, as they voted ‘Haba Haba’ by Stella Mwangi as their best hope of achieving Eurovision success in May. And why wouldn’t they?! It’s a cracking little pop song that’s easy to fall in love with, within the three minutes it’s allocated. Well done Norway! Hilariously, at the time of writing and for the last two days, if one takes a look at the top 10 itunes charts in the US, UK, Australia, and most Western European countries, Lady GaGa’s ‘Born This Way’ is number 1 in every territory – except for Norway, where Stella Mwangi sits atop. It’s an amusing image if you click on the link.

Over in Iceland, our favourite by a considerable mile, Yohanna’s ‘Nótt’, unfortunately failed to win on Saturday night. Instead, Sigurjón’s friends were victorious with ’Aftur Heim’. And in Finland, it was Paradise Oskar who was chosen as their representative with ‘Da Da Dam’.

Below, you can see all three winning songs.

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