Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2011: All songs…

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After revealing the first 9 or 21 songs and artists that will compete in next year’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, NRK today announced the remaining 12. And so the full list now looks like this;

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Heat 1 – Ørland: Jan 15th
Carina Dahl: ‘Guns & Boys’
Use Me: ‘Daisy’
Sichelle: ‘Trenger mer’
Sie Gubba: ‘Alt du vil ha’
Åste & Rikke: ‘Not That Easy’
Helene Bøksle: ‘Vardlokk’
Gatas Parlament: ‘Jobbe litt mindre og tjene litt mer’

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Heat 2 – Florø: Jan 22nd
Mimi Blix: ‘Allergic’
Babel Fish: ‘Depend on Me’
Pernille & Marius: ‘I’ll be Yours’
Hanne Sørvaag: ‘You’re like a Melody’
Isabella: ‘Sand’
Endre: ‘Oh, Oh (Puppy Love)’
Marika Lejon: ‘Hungry for You (Gipsydance)’

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Heat 3 – Skien: Jan 29th
Grethe Svensen: ‘Like Dreamers Do’
Girl Happy: ‘SOS’
The BlackSheeps: ‘Dance Tonight’
Noora Noor: ‘Gone With the Wind’
Susperia: ‘Nothing Remains’
Stella Mwangi: ‘Haba Haba’
The Lucky Bullets: ‘Fire Below’

Quite a lot of unknown names in there, although NRK have been quoted as saying that 2010 was about the artists, but that 2011 will be about the songs! Still, we’re excited about the inclusion of the fabulous Hanne Sørvaag as an artist. She’s composed some cracking pop tunes in her time, so we’re looking forward to hearing what she deemed as being so good that she couldn’t give it away to anybody else and decided to keep it for herself!

Although we also have to say, even looking at the photos of the artists, it all seems quite promising, despite not knowing who most of them are. The list of names might not scream any star quality, but the photos certainly do! Click on this link here to see what we mean.

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