Nicole Sabouné: ‘Conquer or Suffer’

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Nicole Sabouné today releases her second single (after last year’s debut). That’s good news. And what’s even better news is that this new single is even better than what’s come before. We do like it when popstars follow this trajectory.

It’s ‘Conquer or Suffer’, an up-tempo pop SLASH rock track with a sublimely catchy chorus. It’s a little bit camp, a little bit theatrical, and in actual fact draws a lot of comparisons with the greatest hits of The Ark. And that’s not an unnatural or unsurprising comparison either, given that Nicole’s mentor while she was a contestant on the Swedish edition of The Voice, was actually Ola Salo from The Ark.

He has called her the Swedish David Bowie. But our more pop orientated references are reaching out and finding solace in first-album-era Girls Aloud. You can imagine them singing that chorus too, right?

The song had its premiere on P3 radio last night, and this morning, the video was released too. Watch and listen;

Conquer Or Suffer - Single - Nicole Sabouné


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