No less than a week after writing about their fab debut single ‘City Lights‘, Faroese girlband Flamma have followed it up with their second single, ‘Stay Like This Forever’.

And it’s another HIT. This one’s a pop/rock number that thinks it’s an EDM floor filler, and gets very close to losing its shit at certain points throughout the song. We think that part of the charm here, with both ‘Stay Like This Forever’ and ‘City Lights’, is that neither of them are trying at all to be anything revolutionary or different. They’re just trying to be good pop songs. Pop songs that you’ve heard before a hundred times, but that you’ve liked. Job done – we love.

Faroese girlbands are our new jam. And it’s starting to make us wonder just what other pop gems the Faroe Islands are hiding, after unearthing both Flamma and Byrta. The Faroe Islands for a debut appearance at Eurovision 2014 please. Preferably represented by Flamma!


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