Camille Jones: ‘The Streets’

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Camille Jones

Downbeat Danish disco diva, Camille Jones (you may know her from her Fedde LeGrand collaboration, ‘The Creeps’), has unleashed a new album this week, ‘Did I Say I Love You’. And it’s being promoted with a corker of a new single, ‘The Streets’.

The song is a silent killer – the beats and synths are played down, but pulse relentlessly through the veins of the track, becoming addictive. All very deceptive in its attraction. It’s electro, it’s 6am on a Sunday morning disco, and it’s a little bit dirty. And we like that! We’re going to be in Copenhagen tomorrow night (*SCREAM*), and will be requesting it from the DJ’s, her fellow Danish folk.

If you prefer your dance music to have more of whiff of poppers to it though, then you should check out the 7th Heaven remix of her previous single, ‘The Truth’ (which is also on the new album, albeit not the 7th Heaven edit). Below, are the videos for both songs (the 7th Heaven version of ‘The Truth’, at that!) for your perusal. The vid for ‘The Streets’ is all black and goldĀ splendor, with an arty and fragile looking Camille writing around in the light. And the video for ‘The Truth’ is a full blown club vid, which, coupled with the 7th Heaven soundtrack, has got quite a pleasingly GAY feeling to it.

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