Natasha Thomas is BACK! *scream*

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Do any of you remember Natasha Thomas? Just over five years ago, she was championing Ace of Base-esque pop, when Ace of Base were nowhere to be seen. The delightful Dane lit up our lives with pop gems like ‘It’s Over Now’ and ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ (which was then changed into ‘Let Me Show You The Way’ and used for a UK Lacoste tv advert!).

Well now she’s back! And sounding VERY different. Gone are the sweet pop melodies and reggae-lite beats, and in their place is an altogether darker sound. More Medina than Ace of Base. And she’s now singing in Danish too. That’s not to say that the melodies are completely gone though. Current single ‘Alene’ has got a gorgeous tune running through it, but it’s far more subtle and creeps up on you, rather than slapping you in the face like her older hits did!

We’re delighted to have her back, quite frankly. Even if she sounds nothing like the Natasha Thomas of yesteryear. ‘Alene’ is released in Denmark in January, and we hope that a new album will follow. You can listen to ‘Alene’ below.

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