Universal Music Sweden emailed out a remix of the new Therese single, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ to certain websites this week (a full two weeks ahead of radio and DJ’s apparently, which was nice of them). It’s the Alesso remix, and sends the song into a narcotic induced, fidget house, state of trance! Much more mellow and downbeat than its original counterpart. You can listen to it here.

Things are moving fast for her new album. She’s currently back in Swedenat the moment, putting the final touches to the recording process. We’re uber excited about the album, based on the two new songs we’ve heard from her, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ and its b-side ‘Say It’. Both manage to do something incredible and exciting to dance music.

Here’s is the lady herself on the photoshoot for the album artwork, earlier last month in London. And below that you can listen to the extended remix of ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, which we’ve played an insane amount of times over the last couple of weeks!

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