Lina Rafn: ‘Hénry Hénry’

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Infernal’s Lina Rafn amazed again on the latest episode of Denmark’s Toppen Av Poppen show. Thanks to the performances she’s been putting in each week, she’s undoubtedly been to this show what September was to last year’s Så Mycket Bättre.

This week, she wowed with her version of ‘Marie Marie’ by The Olsen Brothers – with a change in title so as not to come across as a stonking great dyke. Naturally it was an all clubbed up cover of the original, something which has been her style throughout the show so far. And as she performed the song is its new guise as a floor filler, we got to see The Olsen Brothers delight in its transformation, fistpumping along as best they could.

Lina’s ‘on fire’ on this show, and we’re loving watching her every week. Surely in the aftermath of all this, a solo album can’t be too far on the horizon…

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