M!ss Me vs. Alen Sami: ‘Boyz & Girlz’ (the video!)

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Back in February we hosted a preview of this song. “Mentalmazing debut single alert“, we wrote. And we meant it.

This week, the single was finally released. And today the video has arrived for it too. And the Mentalmazing tag fits even more than it did back then.

Better than your standard club video, in that the patrons “party” so hard, they actually end up sleeping there. And we find our heroine M!ss Me (no really, she’s our new heroine) waking up and reaching for last night’s leftover rum & coke to quench her hangover parch, and to numb her sore head. Before that though, we see her grope a topless doorman to gain entry to the club, and then proceed to launch a glass of complimentary champagne over a full dance floor of revelers.

The song is pretty brill too. Mentalmazing.

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