A new Erik Hassle track eh? Released tomorrow, the Swedish singer Erik Hassle is returning with a brand new sound on new single ‘No Words’. It premiered over on Pigeons & Planes today.
What’s it like? Well it’s NOT like the Erik Hassle songs of yesteryear, that’s for sure. The POP factor has been ramped up to the max, and ‘No Words’ could just as easily be the new single from Erik’s fellow Swedish male artists, B Robin or Anton Ewald.
Nice! Don’t get us wrong, we’ve always liked Erik’s output, but this new song is even more up our street. A funked up, blissed out declaration of unashamed, radio-friendly boppery.
What else has he been up to of late? Well just a few weeks back, Erik popped up as the featured vocalist on the new single by Vario Volinski. The summer flavoured, chilled house track ‘Falling In Love With You’. Also well worth checking out.


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