Mohombi: ‘In Your Head’

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Mohombi has premiered his new single and video today – ‘In Your Head’.

You might remember a few months back a demo of his called ‘In Your Bed‘ leaked. A complete bastardisation of ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries – but an intensely amazing one at that, given the size of its balls to do such a thing. Well ‘In Your Head’ is pretty much the result of that demo – although things have been toned down and tamed quite a bit. The bpm has been decreased dramatically, and the ear popping refrain of “who’s in your bed, in your bed, Mohombi, Mohombi, Mohombi-bi-bi” has replaced the word bed with the much moreĀ palatableĀ head.

We do actually prefer the bare faced cheek of ‘In Your Bed’, but we’ll settle for ‘In Your Head’ too – it’s already up there with some of his best. And the fact that the idea for the song was even conceived is admirable enough as it is – let alone the reality that it’s now being released as a single.

Bravo to everyone involved!

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