Mohombi feat. Nicole Scherzinger: ‘Coconut Tree’

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It’s time for another Mohombi song!

Red One’s Swedish muse is like the male Nicki Minaj when it comes to releasing bucketfulls of buzz tracks before we get an album. The album in question is called ‘Movemeant’, and so far we’ve had the following songs from him;

Bumpy Ride
Miss Me (featuring Nelly)
Top Notch (featuring Usher)
Dirty Situation (featuring Akon)
Sex Your Body

And the latest one is ‘Coconut Tree’, featuring Nicole Scherzinger – and this is where it gets REALLY good! It’s another Red One production, and this time he’s gone all out and given Mohombi a proper banger of a club track. It still pays homage to Mohombi’s half Congolese roots, but it’s far and away the most commercial, and catchiest thing he’s come out with. Lyrically, it’s a TAD grating to be honest, but who listens to these songs for their lyrics, when they’ve got irresistable ”oh-oh-oh” vocal riffs running through them!

We’re not entirely sure what’s happening with Mohombi, in the US and UK at least. In America, ‘Bumpy Ride’ has sort of stalled (for now), and in the UK, ‘Miss Me’ never even took off in the first place. Although the rest of Europe seems to love him, and are responsible for some massive volumes of youtube views of his material. His latest single in Sweden, ‘Dirty Situation’, is currently climbing up the iTunes chart. Who knows when we’ll get the album, but we hope it’s full of Coconut Trees!

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