Moa Lignell: ‘Live Your Life’

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moa lignell live your life

Moa Lignell of ‘When I Held Ya’ fame has just released her follow-up single to that big smash of a tune. And it’s called ‘Live Your Life’.

Moa finds herself in a bit of predicament with this one. Released on iTunes a couple of weeks back, it initially did quite well for her. But quickly started to plummet down the iTunes chart. And that’s because Swedish radio aren’t playing it. Not because they don’t like it, but because they’re still OBSESSED with ‘When I Held Ya’. The biggest national radio station P3 still play her previous single on a daily basis – leaving no room for them to get on board with ‘Live Your Life’.

And that’s a big shame, since it’s a great track too in its own right. As good as ‘When I Held Ya’? Well, no. But still.

‘Live Your Life’ is another catchy and melodious guitar pop ‘jam’ from Moa. More upbeat in tempo than ‘When I Held Ya’, but not any happier, lyrically. No bad thing though – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And this most certainly isn’t broke;

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Live Your Life - Single - Moa Lignell



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