Midnight Boy: ‘When You’re Strange’

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Midnight Boy – aka Johan Krafman – today releases his brand new single ‘When You’re Strange’.

Following on from this summer’s ‘Roll With It‘, it’s another 80s tinged electrorock number with a stellar production and a knock out of a chorus. The electro comes in the form of the soaring synthage he’s got in place – retro synth done so well, it sounds like actual retro music that’s been remastered. And the rock comes in the form of that vocal of his. Grrrr.

It’s like how Phixx would have sounded had they lasted the 10 years.

Now then – the video.

In an effort to make a point about a lack of naivety and innocence existing in a cynical and calculating world (we think we’ve understood that one right), Midnight Boy chose to walk through the streets of Stockholm on a cold Wednesday afternoon in November, while taking off all of his clothes. All of them.  What a man.

Obviously do watch it, but it’s quite distracting from the song. So we’d suggest affording the track itself a second listen away from the vid. Once you’ve had an artistic glimpse at his knob, naturally.

‘When You’re Strange’ is out now, and has been released outside of Sweden too.

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