Markus Schulz feat. Ana Diaz: ‘Nothing Without Me’

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Swedish singer/songwriter Ana Diaz has just teamed up with German superstar DJ and producer Markus Schulz, and together they’ve just come out with this corking tune – ‘Nothing Without Me’.

You know Ana Diaz! ANA! She’s the songwriting lady behind some of our favourite Scandipop songs this year – ‘Crying Out Your Name’ by Loreen, ‘One Last Time’ and ‘All I Want Is You’ by Agnes, ‘Bastard’ by Amanda Fondell, ‘If It Wasn’t For You’ by Tooji, etc etc ETC.

Well she also penned this track too, along with Markus Schulz and another Swedish songwriter that we’re quite fond of around these parts, Elias Kapari (his 2012 credits include Linda Sundblad, Molly Sandén, Carina Dahl, David Lindgren).

‘Nothing Without Me’ obviously veers away from all of the Scandipop artists that those two writers have been behind, and instead ties in with the commercial trance n’ dance sound that Markus Schulz is known and loved for. Also fine by us. Plus, at the heart of it all is a fab melody and a sharp, cutting lyric. So there actually is some infiltration of Scandipoppery here after all.

Song and video, which has been released worldwide;

Nothing Without Me (feat. Ana Diaz) [Video Edit] - Armada Weekly 2012 - 50 (This Week's New Single Releases)



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