Michael Rune: ‘Ekko’/’Wanna Be Loved’

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We’ve featured Michael Rune on here a couple of times before. Who remembers ‘Væk I Natten’? Or ‘Min Indre Stemme‘? Well this year he’s released two new singles. Both with female vocalists as features, both showcasing his epic saxiness, and both pretty amazing.

Ekko‘ is the brand new single, featuring Ragna. A very Danish dance track with a chorus that builds and builds and then builds some more. Rune’s sax is probably more underused here than in any of his other hits, preferring to give center stage to the vocal and the string laden production. But it still anchors the track oh-so reassuringly. Echoing, or rather Ekkoing, the chorus.

Wanna Be Loved‘ is the song that REALLY should have represented Denmark at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It competed in the Melodi Grand Prix in March, and finished joint runner-up to Basim’s ‘Cliche Love Song’.

It’s VERY Europop. Sounding more like a pan-continental Inna hit than a Danish MGP song. The sax plays the chorus melody as the song’s intro – and so it’s an instant grabber sort of affair. It’s that chorus melody that stays the high point throughout too – culminating in a post-middle eight breakout that replaces the lyrics with that ever reliable “oh-oh-0h-0h-0h-0h-0h-0h 0h-0h“. And THAT bit verges on euphoric.

What an incredible song. We don’t know what the bigger crime is – that it didn’t go to Eurovision, or that it hasn’t become an aforementioned pan-continental hit regardless.

Check out the studio version and also the pretty spiffing performance that both Michael and featured vocalist Natascha Bessez turned out;

Live performance

Studio Version


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