Alina Devecerski: ‘Ikväll Skiter Jag i Allt’

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Alina Devecerski has unveiled (we love that word when it comes to new music – it makes the whole process seem so ceremonious and dramatic, as it should be) the follow up single to her scorching and mental and super successful debut single ‘Flytta På Dej

The good news is that it sounds just like ‘Flytta På Dej’. ‘Ikväll Skiter Jag i Allt’ captures the teenage rave attitude of its predecessor, and as such, sounds like another top notch smash. We love this girl, and all that she’s brought to the great big pop table with her this year.

The title is an interesting one. It basically means “tonight I don’t care about anything“, or “tonight to hell with everything“, even though the individual words mean something else. Something a lot nastier.

You can listen to it below. It starts 40 seconds into the stream.

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