Mi Amore indeed!

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And further to our post directly below, here is the video to Annika Fiore’s ‘Forbidden Love’!

It features two HOT Scandinavian gents mud wrestling, ripping each other’s clothes off, and making out. And as if that wasn’t enough (which, let’s face it, it normally is enough) it also features Annika Fiore herself, looking fabulous in a wedding gown, before ripping it off in a tantrum, also in said mud.

Annika and the Scandinavian hunkage come together at points too. Firstly, her perving over them with a longing in her eye that we’ll all empathise with. Then they both approach her, tease her with a touch, and then walk away hand in hand leaving her alone. And finally, she ends the video cradling them in her lap with a sinister maternity that doesn’t suit her, but does.


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