Melodifestivalen Heat One: The Songs

SVT have uploaded minute long clips to their website – an extension on the thirty seconds we got last year. You can listen here; Based on the clips, the two songs going directly to the final are identified easily enough. And it looks like it’ll be a three song scramble for the two places for the second chance round.


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Shirley Clamp has delivered an uplifting, beautiful, atmospheric ballad which is probably the most likely to qualify for the final. Alcazar’s song stands out as the extra large dance/pop track with lots of camp effects, ‘Knock On Wood’ style beats, and lyrics that are cheeky and clever. Marie Serneholt has disappointed us greatly. Many had written her off as a non qualifier already but we’d held out full hope that she’d progress from her heat with a great song performed really well. Unfortunately it seems like she hasn’t been given that great song but we’re still hoping that the full 3 minutes will sound a lot better and the performance will be stellar tomorrow night. Emilia on the other hand looks likely to do a lot better than expected – her song is uptempo, catchy, and follows the retro sound that’s proving to be so popular in pop at the moment. Nina Soderquist’s dress rehearsals have been very well received and she’s got a strong track to back her up too. Remember that Saturday night televoters have fallen in love with Nina before when she participated in West End Star, so she should pick up a lot of voters tomorrow night. Jonathan Fagerlund’s track is very catchy, and even though it’s not our type of thing at all, we can see that it’s obviously a good song. Caroline Af Ugglas is still the complete outsider even after hearing her (alright) song. Finally, Scotts have presented a bit of a weak one. We’d previously thought that they were a guarantee to go straight to the final, but they may have to settle for the second chance round first.


Our predictions;


Direct to the Final;

Shirley Clamp & Alcazar


Second Chance round;

Scotts & Nina Soderquist

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