Melodifestivalen 2012: Our Chat With Timoteij


At Monday’s Melodifestivalen press conference, we managed to grab a couple of minutes to talk with the act that we were perhaps most happy to see there – Timoteij. Fresh from their 2010 contest debut with ‘Kom’ (our favourite song in the competition that year), they’re back to have another go with ‘Stormande Hav’ (Stormy Seas). Composed by Kristian Lagerström, Johan Fjellström, Stina Engelbrecht, and Jens Engelbrecht we’re hoping it’s gonna be another epic piece of schlager folk, of ‘Kom’ proportions. And judging by what the girls told us, that’s seeming quite likely;


scandipop: Oh girls, welcome back!

Timoteij: Thank you so much!

scandipop: You’ve only really had one year away from the contest, but even that feels like it was far too long.

Timoteij: *adorable giggling*

scandipop: Does it feel the same for you lot?

Timoteij: Well it’s been since 2010, but it feels like it’s gone so fast. We’ve been on tour too, and everything. But yeah it feels great to be back. We can’t wait.

scandipop: Good. So can you tell us some things about the song?

Timoteij: It’s up-tempo….

scandipop: Oh thank goodness for that!

Timoteij: *more adorable giggling*….and it’s quite happy and it’s got a lot of energy too. Very much. And it’s very Timoteij, yeah.

scandipop: So if we liked the first album, we’ll like this?

Timoteij: Yes, you’ll love it. This is even better.

scandipop: Wow. Ok, so you’re here again, and I imagine you’ve been making some new music. So when we can expect to hear that? A second album perhaps?

Timoteij: Well actually we’re planning that. So yes, it’s coming. I think around springtime. April or May.

scandipop: That makes sense of course – after the competition.

Timoteij: Exactly. And now we already have quite a lot of good songs for the album, so we’re just going through them now.

scandipop: Ah ok, so you’re doing a bit of quality control, saying “this one can stay” and “this one needs more work”, that kind of thing?

Timoteij: Yes! There’s a lot of good songs to choose from, and that feels great.

scandipop: Cool. Well best of luck girls and I’ll see you in Gothenburg, and hopefully Stockholm too!

Timoteij: *intensely adorable giggling*

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