Melodifestivalen 2011: Our chat with Shirley’s Angels!

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This is one of the songs that we’re looking forward to most of all in Melodifestivalen 2011. The return of Shirley Clamp, but this time she’s brought her two friends with her, and it really looks like they’re out to have a lot of fun and do a lot of entertaining. So we have Shirley Clamp, Jessica Marberger, and Vera Prada (the best popstar name EVER!). And it’s not only the girls that have aroused our interest considerably – their song ‘I Thought It Was Forever’ has been composed by masters of the genre; Alexander Bard, Henrik Wikström, Bobby Ljunggren, and Robin Abrahamsson.

We’ve spoken to Alexander about the song and he’s promised us that we’re gonna love it. In his words, it’s the gayest thing he’s ever co-written, the campest thing he’s ever put his name to, and is all ”drama drama drama” – “It should have been you and me but everything went to hell and I love to hate it all
etc etc
“. Thus it’s fair to say that ‘I Thought It Was Forever’ is quite clearly going to be nothing less than amazing on every level and in every dimension conceivable!

We met the girls at the Melodifestivalen press conference last month. Shirley was absent due to tour commitments, but we got to speak to Jessica and Vera briefly about what exactly was going on, and what they had in store for everyone.

And here’s what they said!

scandipop: So what’s going on here then?! This isn’t a Shirley Clamp entry, it’s a Shirley’s Angels entry. Shirley Clamp and you two girls?

Shirley’s Angels: Yes! It’s a group. A trio!

scandipop: Ah ok. But of course this is the first time that anyone has heard of Shirley’s Angels. Have you been newly put together as a group, or have you known each other for a while?

Shirley’s Angels: Yeah actually we’ve known each other for a long time. Many many years. Us two have been working before as a backing singer in the competition, and as a dancer and choreographer too. But I’ve known Shirley since about……ninety….seven, or something like that, ha ha!

scandipop: Oh yeah because Shirley used to work as a backing singer for Eurovision and Melodifestivalen too didn’t she?

Shirley’s Angels: Exactly, yeah.

scandipop: Ah so you all know each other from then. And I guess Velvet is in that circle too.

Shirley’s Angels: Yep, yeah that’s right, exactly, ha ha!

scandipop: So, tell us about the song please – ‘I Thought It Was Forever’.

Shirley’s Angels: It’s a very good song. It’s a catchy pop song, but with a heartbreaking feel to it.

scandipop: Oh is it one of those songs that is a really uptempo tune with a happy melody, but really sad lyrics?

Shirley’s Angels: Yes, exactly. It’s uptempo, but it’s also midtempo at the same time, ha ha!

scandipop: Could it be described as schlager? Because Shirley is well known for her schlager.

Shirley’s Angels: Yes, it’s schlager! It’s a catchy thing, it is. It’s like a really strong Shirley song, but it’s like an English pop song too.

scandipop: And has it got a key change?

Shirley’s Angels: Ha ha, yes it has. We LOVE that.

scandipop: And what’s gonna happen with Shirley’s Angels after the contest? Will there be more music, will there be an album?

Shirley’s Angels: We hope so, yes. Definitely more on stage. But there ARE definite plans for the group.

scandipop: I guess it just depends on what happens in Melodifestivalen, right?

Shirley’s Angels: Yeah but they want to do a big stage show too, to do some more performances in the future. So that’s the plan.

scandipop: Ok well best of luck to you girls! I look forward to hearing the song.

Shirley’s Angels: Thank you very much.

You can see more of the girls frolicking around and talking in Swedish about their favourite foods (?!) at the SVT website here.

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