Melodifestivalen 2012: Our chat with Love Generation!

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One of Melodifestivalen 2011’s biggest debutantes, Love Generation, are gonna be back in next year’s competition too in a few months. They’re gonna compete with ‘Just A Little Bit’ – written by super producer RedOne’s team – RedOne, John Mamann, Jean-Claude Sindres, Teddy Sky, Yohanne Simon, and Bilal “The Chef” Hajji.

We’re very glad to have these girls back. And without hearing any of the songs first, it’s Love Generation that we’re rooting for to win the whole thing. Screw impartiality! These girls have the potential to be one of the best Swedish music exports of recent years. We have no doubt that they can deliver the hits, and as it stands right now, it’s looking like representing their country at the Eurovision Song Contest is their biggest shot at the international launch they so deserve.

At the Melodifestivalen press conference a few weeks back, we had a chat to Love Generation about the song, about how their album is coming along, about working with RedOne, and we asked them about their international plans too.


scandipop: Girls, here you are – welcome back!

Love Generation: Thank you so much, it’s SO nice to be back!

scandipop: There’s always a lot of excitement coming from this band when you’re at your busiest and when you’ve got lots of work to do. So I get the impression you’re gonna be thoroughly enjoying the next few months in particular.

Love Generation: We really really will be. We can’t wait.

scandipop: So tell us about the song, ‘Just A Little Bit’.

Love Generation: Well we love it! To start off with, we definitely love it…..

scandipop: The best place to start!

Love Generation: Ha ha. And it feels very much like ‘us’. It’s got our style to it. It describes us more as people too – what we like, and how we are as three individuals as well as a group. So our own influences are within the song. This time it’s a little bit more rock n’ roll! But it’s still a pop and dance song too. It still has that same explosion in the sound, but there’s a little bit more room for our personality in there. And we appreciate that, to be able to do it.

scandipop: Ok. But it’s not too far away from the usual RedOne sound?

Love Generation: Yeah, it’s still very poppy. We think you’re gonna like it. It’s Looooove Generation!

scandipop: I asked you this question last year – but I’m gonna ask it again. When are we gonna get a Love Generation album from you girls?

Love Generation: Well we’ve been more focused on singles really, and we still are. But actually this year we have recorded a lot of great stuff – this song included. And then hopefully we’ll have another single to release soon too, after Melodifestivalen. We’d like to put a lot of focus into that single, to have a good follow-up. And then hopefully that can lead to good things here.

scandipop: Ok, so you’re just focusing on singles for now.

Love Generation: Yeah we’re just gonna keep putting great songs out there. We think that the great thing about working with RedOne is that he’s very focused on right now, and on what he feels right now, and on what we’re giving him right now too. So I think that strategy is gonna be a great way for us. And of course later on there’s gonna be an album. Sooner or later, ha ha!

scandipop: You’re concentrating on making the hits, ok. Last question, cos there’s lots of people wanting to talk to you today – but have you got any international plans on the horizon? Outside of Sweden?

Love Generation: Right now our goal is to get out there, yes. But we wanna have this really great foundation first, and that’s what we’re building here and now in Sweden. And of course, RedOne’s plan is to take it abroad. So we’re just waiting to get to that point. And then we’re gonna be complete and ready to get out there. But we wanna start here and feel like we have Sweden with us first.

scandipop: Ok. Although you know sometimes Sweden, or its media at least, doesn’t really appreciate Swedish artists until they’ve had some international success.

Love Generation: That’s also very true. It’s a catch 22 sometimes.

scandipop: Good luck with everything though girls. I want you to win Melodifestivalen!

Love Generation: Thank you so much, and see you soon!


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