Melodifestivalen 2011: Our chat with Love Generation!

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Love Generation!

Despite the fact that they’re a new act who have only ever released one single in Sweden, and nowehere else, their inclusion in the Melodifestivalen line-up has caused undoubtedly the most fuss in the Swedish press. That’s because they’re the brainchild of Mr Red One, the half-Swedish gent behind THE sound of mainstream pop music all over the world for the last couple of years. Not only did he put them together, but along with his songwriting and production team, he’s also behind their song ‘Dance Alone’. And to have a name such as his involved in Melodifestivalen is BIG!

They’ve been given the coveted slot of performing last in the final heat, and heaps of pressure is now piled upon them. But we’re sure they’ll cope. Even by taking Red One out of the equation, Love Generation are still a very exciting new girlband. They’ve got a great style to them, bags of energy, and just that special something to them, that doesn’t exist in your standard new girlband so early on in their career.

We spoke to them at the end of last year about their impending Melodifestivalen debut. And here’s what they said;

scandipop: So girls, welcome to Melodifestivalen!

Love Generation: Thank you!

scandipop: I can only imagine it’s gonna be an amazing show that you’ll put on. I saw you guys at Stockholm Pride and that was great.

Love Generation: Yeah that was a good one, we loved that.

scandipop: Have you already been having ideas spinning around your head as to what you’re going to put into the performance?

Love Generation: Oh yeah, we have! We have about 12 pages maybe, of youtube links and brainwaves, and it’s all such good stuff. We love it, we really do. So we hope that we get the chance to see through all of our plans and make the vision come true. Cos, ha ha, we REALLY have a vision! A big one!

scandipop: You are aware that budget for each performance is only 10,000SEK right? Are you gonna go over it anyway?!

Love Generation: Oh yeah, we’ll do it. We know magic, ha ha!

scandipop: Cool. So tell us what the song is like?

Love Generation: Uptempo, Red One, amazing, pop! It’s very huge, it’s like a big explosion.

scandipop: Your debut single was certainly very huge. Would you say it’s similar to that?

Love Generation: The whole Red One sound is definitely in there, yes. Very uptempo. And just like that song, it’s very happy too. But we mixed in some other influences as well, we have to say.

scandipop: And your fans first heard that song last summer, but since then, have been waiting quite a while to hear anything else. So will you have an album ready to be released after the contest? Or will you wait a little longer?

Love Generation: We’re aiming for that, definitely. So we’re really gonna work very hard right now, first to try and get the performance together like you said, but also to get a lot of stuff out there so that we can go out on tour this summer, or to clubs, or to wherever we wanna go. To have our own music and to do our own repertoire. That would be so nice. We have a lot of nice songs in stock, so we’re gonna keep on working hard and get an album.

scandipop: ‘Good Times’ is really good, I love that one.

Love Generation: Awww we do too! We love it. But it’s not gonna be on our record, we’re not moving it forward with us. We’re still gonna perform it maybe, it can be a live track. But we loved it too! And it’s cool that you dig it!

scandipop: Ok, cool. Love Generation need to be launched internationally I think. Are there any imminent plans for that, or are you just gonna concentrate on Sweden for the time being?

Love Generation: Right now we just wanna concentrate on Melodifestivalen. But of course in the future, we definitely wanna spread the word……

scandipop: Ha Ha – ‘’let’s spread the word’’! (the lyric from their debut single. We get easily excited like that.)

Love Generation: Ha ha, yay, spread the word! In every nation! But yeah, Red One definitely has plans for an international launch for us, it’s just that we’ve been a group for such a short period of time. Right now we need to focus on just being good together and having that vibe together really well. And this will be a really good way to put that to the test actually, Melodifestivalen. And also a huge experience, and fun in every way for us. So we’re just gonna focus on this for now, and get this right, and then hopefully internationally. We wanna do it.

scandipop: And Red One is obviously a busy guy. Has he been giving you guys enough of his time? Has he been checking in on you?

Love Generation: I think he’s been giving us all of the time that he can give really. And in this situation especially, he’s really putting his soul into Melodifestivalen. He really wants us to do this, so that’s really good. He’s really busy, but he’s also very humble too, and just takes his time. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jennifer Lopez the next day, or Love Generation the day before, it’s the same for him and we love that about him.

scandipop: Cool, well thanks for the chat girls!

Love Generation: Thank you. And thank you so much for all that you’ve written about us so far. We were all sat together in TGI Friday’s one evening going through it all and reading everything you’ve written! So thank you!

scandipop: A pleasure. You girls keep being amazing and we’ll keep writing about it!

Such sweet girls. We’re in love!

Below is their fabulous self titled debut single, as a reminder of just what they’re capable of.

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