Melodi Grand Prix 2010 – The first 7 song clips online…

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NRK have uploaded clips of the seven songs competing in Heat 1 of Melodi Grand Prix 2010 – Norway’s song competition that will be taking place over the next five weeks. Heat 1 is on this Friday. You can listen to the clips here. And here is our dissection of them;

sxHZxz KLtIJ11KuQgJ2Gw Ot yDJH70Cqv0y92n wyQGaute Ormåsen – Synk Eller Svøm
The first ‘Fairytale’ imitation of the year! It’s alright though.

Lene Alexandra – Primadonna
Easily and without a doubt the best song in the heat. As we’d hoped and expected. It’s a dance pop number, with a sing along chorus, defending the rights and the reasons of a Primadonna. And basing it solely on the 30 second clip, we think we already prefer it to her last MGP entry, ‘Sillycone Valley’!

LQ2BIUq4WBv2e7P8cnqSOAWpGifDD 1WznW bmdCgnOAJohnny Hide – Rewind Love
A wistful fifties ballad. A bit dreamy, but ultimately bland. Although we’ll reserve full judgement until hearing the complete song on Friday.

iNkG6QKC0UGoOww3NjaxewfK 238qv29a14cbwMwo6sQBjørn Johan Muri – Yes Man
This is a piano and guitar driven pop/rock track. Delightfully uptempo and it’s got a certain charm to it, despite it not being a genre that we’d normally listen to. We’re intrigued to hear the full version.

Elisabeth Carew – Rocketfuel
Uptempo sixties funk/pop with a chanting chorus. It hasn’t really left us longing to hear the rest of it unfortunately

EsHOfhE5r8YnvSv0sYJyIwz23UOSdQMyHnY9Wz4lDrDAMaria Haukaas Storeng – Make My Day
All eyes will be on her on Friday, as she won this competition two years ago. The clip here is only of the verse and bridge, and it’s very rousing indeed. It cuts off just before the chorus but you can just tell it’s going to be a mindblower! It’s another retro track though, which seems to be the theme du jour!

9MIEhXhDoYCy3hT8IgJebAtSUbECg0nHr1uA3frYf6MgKeep Of Kalessin – The Dragontower
We quite like this! It sounds like it has some anthemic parts in it which are good, some ridiculous growling parts which aren’t so good, but it’ll probably be packed with drama in both the song and the performance. We like a bit of commercial and watered down metal tailored for Eurovision!

The top two scoring songs will qualify for the final, the next two will get through to the second chance round, and the bottom three will be eliminated,

Team Lene!

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