Introducing……Amanda Mair

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Amanda 2 s

Sweden is about to spawn another bright young star on June 8th, when Amanda Mair releases her debut single, ‘House’.

The atmospheric hyperballad belies Amanda’s sixteen year old youth and is built on complex melodies and an enchanting production. Like a cross between Coldplay and Kate Bush, but wrapped up within a much more pop orientated sound, for the discerning pop palate!

However, it’s another track of hers that’s really caught our imagination this week, and fully confirmed to us that she’s somebody to get very excited about, and that ‘House’ is no fluke. This morning, she dropped into the Nyhetsmorgon studios to perform ‘Skinnvarviksberget’, a classic ballad of hers. It’s beautiful to the point of stunning, with lyrics that capture your imagination straight away, and are delivered alongside a timeless melody. At little over two and a half minutes, it’s short – but boy is it sweet!

You can hear both songs in full below. We think this girl’s going to be quite the success very soon.

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