Danish super talent, Medina, has had another fantastic year in 2010. After 2009 saw her album EXPLODE in Denmark, its English language translation has been a huge success in Germany this year, and to a lesser extent, around the rest of Scandinavia and parts of mainland Europe. At the weekend she rounded of her fab 2010 by returning to Denmark and performing at DR’s (Danish tv) Christmas concert. She performed her biggest hit (and THE biggest hit in Denmark in 2009), ‘Kun For Mig’, plus another big hit from last year ‘Ensom’. Both offered something new though, as they were backed by an active live orchestra. The intro to ‘Kun For Mig’ sounded like something from a Danny Elfman film score (amazing!), before the infamous electro riff kicked in, and ‘Ensom’ was transformed completely into an orchestral track, with the familiar beats kept to an absolute minimum.

And even more fabulously, she looked superb for both performances, with a different eye watering costume for each one.

A brand new album is expected in 2011, and we’re looking forward to it immensely.

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