24 hours after they were released on iTunes, let’s see which Melodifestivalen songs are the most popular with the music buying Swedes!

A song which has reached the final
A song which has reached andra chansen
A song which has been eliminated

01. This Is My Life – Anna Bergendahl
02. You’re Out of My Life – Darin
03. Kom – Timoteij
04. Manboy – Eric Saade
05. Hollow – Peter Jöback
06. Unstoppable (The Return of Natalie) – Ola

07. Headlines – Alcazar
08. Human Frontier – Neo
09. Jag vill om du vågar – Pernilla Wahlgren

11. We Can Work It Out – Andreas Johnson
13. Sucker for Love – Pauline
16. Stop – Sibel
22. I Did It for Love – Jessica Andersson
24. Doctor Doctor – Elin Lanto

There are more below the top 25 of course, but the top 25 are of most interest. It’s worth nothing though, that there are some songs which still haven’t been made available to purchase yet.

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