Medina’s ‘Welcome To Medina’ album is the gift that keeps on giving. And we here at are the recipients that quite happily keep on receiving! The Danish language version has already spawned four singles; ‘Kun For Mig’, ‘Velkommen Til Medina’, ‘Ensom’, and ‘Vi To’, whilst the English language version has given us ‘You & I’, ‘Lonely’, and ‘Addiction’. And now, we get one more new single from her and the album – ‘Gutter’.

It’s another dark and pulsating electro track in the same vein as the aforementioned tracks. Unlikely to win any new fans, but highly likely to please fans of everything that has gone before from her. And with it comes a brand new pop vid in which she goes a striking platinum blonde. It’s all quite dazzling, like a cross between her fellow Scandinavians; iamamiwhoami and Oh Land. You can have an ogle below;

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