Me (& My Microphone) Against The Music…

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Britney Spears has been the patron saint of the scandipop mash-up this year. Or something along those lines anyway. Her ‘I Wanna Go’ has already lent itself very well to Eric Saade’s ‘Popular’ (we still play this at most of our DJ gigs in Stockholm!), and now the track has been moshed and mashed with another 2011 scandipop staple – September’s ‘Me & My Microphone’.

It’s not a simple merging together of the two tracks either. The creator has taken specific bits of ‘Me & My Microphone’, and put them alongside not just the single version of ‘I Wanna Go’, but a remix too. So there’s plenty of intricacies for the standard mash-up fan to marvel at.

Oh, and the person behind it has also gone to the bother of editing the video for it too, which always gets bonus points from us.

Oooh, that reminds us!

Somebody sent us another September vs Britney thing a month ago that we forgot to post on here. It’s quite brilliant – if only for the amount of work and effort that has gone into making it. Basically someone has got the September song ‘Party In My Head’, and cut together hundreds of scenes from different Britney videos to make it look like it’s Britney performing ‘Party In My Head’. It’s not 100% perfect all of the time, but you’ll see that they’ve gone through her videos and taken bits of mouth movements that will fit with the words that September is singing. And they actually get it right most of the time.

That this idea was conceived defies belief, let alone the fact that it was executed and that the end result looks this good.

THIS good;

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