Last week we got the brand new single from Man Meadow, ‘Eaten Alive’. It’s here, see?!

This week comes a Soundfactory remix. An occurance which in itself has become something of an event to us at scandipop in 2011 – purely because every single remix that Mr Soundfactory has delivered this year has ranged from either very good to utterly amazing. He’s been on high form of late, and in particular his work on Eric Saade’s ‘Popular’, Le Kid’s ‘Oh My God’, Evan’s ‘Fall From Grace’, and Annikafiore’s ‘Don’t Wanna See You Tonight’ (click on the links to hear the mixes!) count among some of our big favourite remixes of the year so far.

With ‘Eaten Alive’ he’s produced another track which we reckon, for now, is most certainly on a par with the original. A lush, clubland production, with a synth section so thrusting and intrusive, it leaves you feeling like you’ve had a particular amorous night at Paradise, the Stockholm gay club which Soundfactory himself DJ’s at of a frequent Friday evening!

An appealing feeling;

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