Mash Up International feat. Gnucci Banana: ‘Animal’!

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Gnucci Banana

Apologies, we know it’s quite early in the morning for this, but this is what we were woken up with this morning and we feel it’s only right to pass on the pleasure/pain!

Right, this makes a lot more sense and is a lot more appreciated if you know the original, so we’ll start with that. ‘Animal’ by Swedish group Miike Snow (consisting of, alongside a lead singer, Bloodshy & Avant, the producers behind Britney’s ‘Toxic’ amongst lots more besides) – a critically acclaimed song by a critically acclaimed band. In the UK alone they’ve had support from BBC Radio 1 and The Guardian. And although they never really crossed over to commercial success, their music, their self titled debut album, is considered by many to be really very good indeed.

Step forward – Ana Rab! She’s sort of a ‘scene name’ in Sweden, married to a bigger scene name, DJ Spoek Mathambo. And she’s decided to launch a pop career under the name Gnucci Banana. A few tracks have already surfaced online this year here and there. But the most AMAZING thing she’s done is her current release – a cover of Miike Snow’s ‘Animal’. And it really is AMAZING! She’s completely raped the track of any integrity or credibility it ever had, added about a gazillion bpm to it, composed her own rap for it, and turned it into a song about her insatiable need for doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel! And she’s not even subtle about it either. But of course – to our ears, it works SO well!

Like we said above, if you don’t know the original then this cover doesn’t really make any sense, and just seems a bit WTF. So do have a listen to that first. But once you do know the original, this comes into its own – which is a complete and utter MENTAL piece of music, that’s a lot of fun. And DARE WE SAY IT – preferable to the original!

And here’s the interesting video…

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