Magnus Carlsson: ‘Glorious’

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MagnusC Glorious 600

They say schlager is dead. THEY LIE!

Stepping up to the plate and championing the sound at a time when nobody else dares to, is one of the genuine stalwarts of the genre – Mr Magnus Carlsson. Next week he’ll release his brand new single ‘Glorious’. And he’s taking things right back to schlager, by way of disco, and stopping off for a quick thrill at the truck stop of POP!

In his own words, “Imagine my own ‘Live Forever’ mixed with Limahl’s ‘Neverending Story’, having a steamy affair with Carol’s ‘Evighet’, and with Pet Shop Boys choirs and an overtone of my own ‘Kom Hem’ – THERE you have Glorious“. Fucking hell!

That description lives up to its promise. And yes – of course there’s an almighty key change shoehorned in. He’s also recorded a Swedish version of the track, ‘Oslagbar’. He says he couldn’t decide which version he preferred, so he’s releasing them both. The more the merrier, we say.

Magnus has been regularly providing the gems in recent years – ‘Walking In My Shoes’, ‘Feel You’, ‘This Is Disco’, the ENTIRE ‘Pop Galaxy’ album. But in these times of schlager drought, we need him more than ever. And so we’re indebted to him for the rest of the year, for these three minutes and eight seconds of precious, rare schlager.

‘Glorious’ (and ‘Oslagbar’) will be released on June 4th, both digitally and physically. The song is written by Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson, and Johnny Sanchez, with production from Erik Bernholm. And here’s a lengthy preview;

Glorious - EP - Magnus Carlsson

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