Baby It’s The Remix

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Helena Paparizou’s ‘Baby It’s Over’ – it really is the gift that keeps giving.

A couple of weeks ago we had the BONKERS video (and we love how 129 of you enjoyed it so much that you *liked* it!). And now we have the first remix. It’s billed as Helena Paparizou vs Supermarkets, but this is REALLY confusing. Is it the Supermarkets who have remixed it? Or is it a mash-up of ‘Baby It’s Over’ with an older Supermarkets production? After all, the latter is usually the case when a ‘vs’ is denoted in a track’s title. We just don’t know.

But regardless, it’s a super remix that we’re enjoying immensely this week. In the verses it almost gives the impression that it’s all going to be a little bit more downbeat. At least in comparison to the original anyway. But then that all goes to pot once the chorus BOOMS in and commands the listener’s attention, and indeed respect. This isn’t a more downbeat remix at all. It’s a huge belter of illegal rave proportions. And it’s all very ‘2011’ too, sounding suitably electroed up for the clubs of today around Europe.

As a side note, we INSIST that you check out these Supermarkets people if you haven’t already. We featured their current Swedish single ‘Du Säger Du Älskar Mig’ a few weeks back, which has turned out to be quite probably our favourite dance tune of 2011 so far. And when we first saw that the Paparizou remix had ‘vs Supermarkets’ in the title, we got very excited in hoping that it was a mash-up of ‘Baby It’s Over’ and ‘Du Säger Du Älskar Mig’. In fact we even went so far as to start imagining what the title of this post would be. Baby Du Älskar Mig? Du Säger It’s Over? We couldn’t decide. And we suppose that the one good thing that comes out of this remix not being that mash-up, is that we don’t have to decide either.

Baby It’s The Remix;

EDIT: Another remix has now surfaced – and it’s even better! It’s by UK production duo, The Thin Red Men. And they’ve turned the song into a Clubland compilation friendly dose of synth laden fabulosity. It sounds like our student clubbing days in Manchester, circa 2001 to 2004 (*sigh*), and for that, we’re enamored!

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