Last night Måns Zelmerlöw premiered his new single to a massive TV audience, the Kristallen awards gala. He performed a slightly shortened version of ‘Beautiful Life’, which will be released next month.

Much in the same vein as the brilliant ‘Broken Parts‘ from earlier this year, ‘Beautiful Life’ is a ‘grown-up’ arena ballad, this time with flavours of Coldplay and dashes of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’. In different parts, obviously. We’ll await to hear the studio version to be enthralled by what we’re expecting to be a ph’nom production. But in the meantime, this live performance serves as another reason to get excited about the new album, as Måns further beds-in his new sound.

His new album ‘Barcelona Sessions’ has been put back yet again, this time to a January release. And of course ‘Run For Your Life‘, which was supposed to be the follow-up single to ‘Broken Parts’, and for which a video was made, has been postponed indefinitely. Never mind. ‘Beautiful Life’ is – well, beautiful enough to restore the order of an otherwise botched campaign, the fate of which seems to have been sealed back when either stupidity, arrogance, or perhaps a little bit of both, saw ‘Broken Parts’ being released to radio, iTunes, and Spotify, the day before 20 of this year’s Melodifestivalen songs. And thus burying what should have been the biggest hit of his career. Let’s hope nothing stops this from being the biggest album of his career.

‘Beautiful Life’ was written by Måns Zelmerlöw, Robert Habolin, and Gavin Jones.



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