Man Meadow: ‘Take It Off’

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The ever reliable Swedish pop duo Man Meadow have just gone and released a new single. It’s called ‘Take It Off’, and in the grande tradition of Man Meadow singles, it’s very good.

As you’ve all come to expect from them by now, it’s a dancepop number. And probably their best single since ‘How Does It Feel’ (we’re not sure if we count ‘Overflow’ really – as we associate that song more as being a Ditte Marie hit). This one earns its bonus points from its spiffing chorus – it’s VERY repetitive, but in a good way. And it’s that part which stays with you after the song has finished. We also love the harmonies within the bridge, and the needlessly dramatic middle eight.

‘Take It Off’ is written by Jakob Stadell, Peter Hägerås and Mats Frisell.

There’s a video coming in August, but here’s the full audio;

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