The Nordics – notorious for producing young male popstars better and more efficiently than anywhere else in the world – have just spawned another. Let’s all get ourselves acquainted with Benjamin, and his debut single ‘Underdogs’.

Benjamin is a 17 year old Finnish (half Swedish) singer who has risen to fame over the last couple of years via……Instagram. We kid you not. An undeniably photogenic young man who has never been afraid of overdoing the #selfie. And as the follower count went into the hundreds of thousands, Warner Music Finland stepped in, snapped him up, and plonked him into a recording studio. ‘Underdogs’ is the first single, with his debut album due out in early 2015. This is the world we live in folks!

‘Underdogs’ is a charmingly catchy guitarpop track with a jovial beat and a big ol’ chant as a chorus. Perfect! The lyrics are a tad juvenile, even for a 17 year old, but when the melody is as good as this one is, we cease to care about lyrical credibility (or sense for that matter!) for the most part.

Meet Benjamin;

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